Paper Mummy Co.

Help Someone Feel Better Today | Medical Stationery & Gifts



Hello! I’m Janna Wade. I never went to medical school, but married someone who did. I'm an eye surgeon's wife, and mother of three little ones. My husband loves to help his patients see more clearly while I love to help my customers see the humor in health challenges.

Starting in 2012, I had four unexpected surgeries and two babies (18.5 months a part) in four years. All of those health-related events helped me discover the void of really “punny” and much needed procedure/condition-specific medical greeting cards to help lift a patient's spirits. I often found myself thinking, "There needs to be a card for this!" Between my own health challenges and those of my close family members and friends, Paper Mummy Co. was born. Its ultimate purpose is our slogan:

"Help Someone Feel Better Today"

Research shows that humor can heal the body and soul.  Everything is a little bit easier with laughter.

Paper Mummy Co. is my growing line of hand-drawn medical stationery and gifts all inspired by "real life" health challenges and humorous + awkward medical moments. All products are physician-approved. We also celebrate the healthcare workers who help patients heal.