Paper Mummy Co.

Help Someone Feel Better Today | Medical Stationery & Gifts



Hello! I’m Janna Wade. I never went to medical school, but married someone who did. I'm an eye surgeon's wife, and mother of a four -year-old, three-year-old and newborn. My husband loves to help his patients see more clearly while I love to help my customers see the humor in health challenges.

Starting back in 2012, I had four surgeries and two babies (18.5 months a part) all in four years. All of those health-related events helped me discover the void of really “punny” and much needed procedure/condition-specific medical greeting cards to help lift a patient's spirits. I often found myself thinking, "There needs to be a card for this!" Between my own health challenges and those of my close family members and friends, Paper Mummy Co. was born. Its ultimate purpose is our slogan:

"Help Someone Feel Better Today"

Research shows that humor can heal the body and soul.  Everything is a little bit easier with laughter.

Paper Mummy Co. is my growing line of hand-drawn medical stationery and gifts all inspired by "real life" health challenges and humorous + awkward medical moments. All products are physician-approved. We also celebrate the healthcare workers who help patients heal.